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Does page speed matter?

YES! It matters so much that it's hard to overemphasize. Many site owners and developers pay very little attention to their page speed.

According to Google, page speed is now a factor in mobile and desktop search rankings. As such, it is essential to see how your pages rank according to Google's scoring system.

How does PageSpeed Monitor work?

We get our data directly from Google's PageSpeed Insights, which is the global standard for website performance monitoring. We do three things:

We Monitor

We monitor your page speed as frequently as each hour.

We Simplify

Google PageSpeed Insights is too complicated to understand. It uses 'developer speak' and technical language that is hard to synthesize into actionable priorities. We simplify this data to make your job much easier.

We Alert

We allow you to set up conditional alerts on all the important PageSpeed metrics. We can also email you a daily overview of your PageSpeed metrics.